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Street2Ivy believes that entrepreneurship is a crucial path to combat the income and wealth disparities that plague underserved communities. Our mission is to empower businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create and innovate by offering the information, mentorship and tools they need to achieve economic empowerment. We execute our mission through multiple initiatives:




Street2Ivy Corporation

Street2Ivy through its public charity (Street2Ivy Community Corporation) invests a portion of its profits back into under served communities and offers employment to community members.

Youth Programs

Street2Ivy's Youth Programs share with young people 16-21 the opportunity to work with industry experts to learn valuable skills in different industries.

EleVate Magazine

EleVate Magazine helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome obstacles on their journey to entrepreneurship by offering resources, real-world advice and inspiration.

Innovators Academy

Street2Ivy's Innovators Academy provides aspiring change-makers with “design thinking” strategies and skills. Led by DxD Partners founder Andrew Pek.

Street2Ivy Marketplace

Street2Ivy's Marketplace offers entrepreneurs an e-commerce platform, marketing consultation and exposure on social media


The Power of Entrepreneurship in Underserved Communities

Co-Founder Richmond Appiah Jr. Discusses


Our founders loved engaging with student and are all still chatting about what an awesome experience it was and how inspiring it is to see the entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age


Alexia Koplewski

Mass Challenge Community Manager

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