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Tavares Brewington, Street2Ivy’s founder, has gained crucial insights through his time as a leader in a number of the world's largest global companies.  Inspired by his improbable journey from the streets of Florida to the Ivy League, Tavares, a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur, and Innovator, founded Street2Ivy to help unlock the entrepreneurial promise for those who have been underestimated and unseen, but whose faith, drive, and work ethic enables them to see beyond their current circumstances to become the next innovator.




Our mission is simple.  It is to empower entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to leverage their unique and intrinsic value to create innovative solutions to challenging problems by offering them the information, mentorship, and tools that they need to achieve economic empowerment for themselves, their families, and their communities.  We like to say that our mission is to help those with whom we work to move from their personal “Street (or challenge)” to their individual “Ivy (or goal).”

Each purchase, donation, and partnership supports our non-profit organization where we host entrepreneurship programs for traditionally underserved communities.  We provide those that we serve with the skills, knowledge, and network that they need to succeed in business. Our programs bring in top entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and innovators to work alongside program participants; allowing deep access to behind-the-scenes industry knowledge that is not widely accessible. 


Street2Ivy Corporation

Street2Ivy through its public charity (Street2Ivy Community Corporation) invests a portion of its profits back into under served communities and offers employment to community members.

Street2Ivy Marketplace

Street2Ivy's Marketplace offers entrepreneurs an e-commerce platform, marketing consultation and exposure on social media

Youth Programs

Street2Ivy's Youth Programs share with young people 16-21 the opportunity to work with industry experts to learn valuable skills in different industries.

The Power of Entrepreneurship in Underserved Communities


Our founders loved engaging with student and are all still chatting about what an awesome experience it was and how inspiring it is to see the entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age


Alexia Koplewski

Mass Challenge Community Manager

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